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How do I enable mod_proxy on Apache2 in linux

i think i'm the only person that ever posts here. ;)

again, i'm new to apache under linux, so this may be elementary...

how exactly do I enable mod_proxy in Apache2? I'm pretty certain I compiled it properly, but I get Invalid command 'RewriteEngine' in the error log from my [previously working on win32 apache] .htaccess file. I am presuming this is because mod_rewrite is not enabled.

I thought [though retrospectively incorrectly] that if I compiled Apache with --enable-MODULE it would automatically enable those modules. Is there something else I need to do?

Here's my ./configure script -- does it look right?
./configure -prefix=/usr/local/apache2 \
--enable-module=so \
--enable-module=auth_db \
--enable-module=digest \
--enable-module=example \
--enable-module=log_agent \
--enable-module=mime_magic \
--enable-module=usertrack \
--enable-module=auth_anon \
--enable-module=auth_digest \
--enable-module=cern_meta \
--enable-module=expires \
--enable-module=proxy \
--enable-module=unique_id \
--enable-module=vhost_alias \
--enable-module=auth_dbm \
--enable-module=headers \
--enable-module=info \
--enable-module=log_referer \
--enable-module=mmap_static \
--enable-module=speling \

Thanks so much!
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