Calliphoridae (pkbarbiedoll) wrote in apache,

Newb question about Struts2 & JSP / Tomcat

I'm involved in migrating an existing, functional JSP/Struts2 app from Windows to Linux.

The former Windows environment was a Tomcat/Struts/Eclipse setup. The new environment is a standalone installation of Tomcat (which is already configured and serving several other applications).

The app in question, "MyJSPWebsite", was copied to the Linux/Tomcat webapps folder and correct permissions assigned. The database (mysql) was also copied over with user permissions established.

The site now opens, but none of the struts enabled content is functioning. For example, a drop-down list of data is not being populated. I'm not seeing any error SQL messages in catalina.out, and the username/password & query work fine from command line.

Are there separate, core struts files that have to be installed outside of those already included in the webapps/MyJSPWebsite folder?
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